Trash Talking Moto Hoes Only

(Bryon Enns) #1

Yup, it’s been quiet around here.

So I just thought I would throw it out there to the 2-T 300 excuses crowd that TDC Yamie is looking good. New steering bearings and new bars. And a slight change to the clickers… AND is it coincidence that the new Hi Comp piston went in at the same time as the wet coast has been struck by repeated earthquakes? I think not. GAME ON

(Arthur Pappas) #2

As much as I enjoy riding 2-strokes, i think my next bike (whenever that happens) has better odds of being a 4-stroke. I have little interest in these ‘modern’ smokers that have EFI, etc.

(David Renfrew) #3

I’m afraid to say I think your right rambler.
Had to splurge for an aftermarket ECU as with mine the bike is almost unrideable.
The new one already sounds and feels waaaay better but a good ride will be a determining factor.

(Bryon Enns) #4

Nobody talks trash like Ronny Mac

(Frany) #5

You should just finish the inevitable and just get a smart carb for that thing too.

(David Renfrew) #6

You first
For your 501 that is

(Frany) #7

Done. Had to buy a vortex ecu last year. $1000. Wouldve cost $5 for a jet if it was carb.

It all a gimmick for emissions. Dosent make anything better. Its so the monkeys cant fiddle with it. Forced to but expensive mods.

(Al Willard) #8

What the fuck are you talking about? You and your Yammie (as you call it ) were sucking the hind tit.
Any slower you would be going backwards. (Drop Mike) BOOM

(Bryon Enns) #9

Ya, I was on a baby sitting mission for the 300 twins and the big bore Honda 250. So there wasn’t any earthquakes or even a small tremor reported but wait until I crack the throttle open.

(David Renfrew) #10

If u were on a baby sitting mission you weren’t doing a very good job cause we were way out front wondering what happened to our sitter?

(Arthur Pappas) #11

Man, I miss riding witchu dbags.

(Bryon Enns) #12

That 501 bike of @franhoser would be a good used bike but he’s a tough one to deal with as a buyer or seller. Eh @baysam

(Frany) #13

Did that yami ever get off that small log?

(Bryon Enns) #14

Small compared to a redwood maybe, but the Yamie went right over on try #2. You didn’t even attempt it @franhoser , too small for ya? LOL