The future of 1-cylinder dual sport bikes does not look good

(Arthur Pappas) #1

I was quite surprised to see the WR250R missing from the Yamaha Canada website. Some Googling around the web resulted in not so good news; the bike has been discontinued – due to emissions reasons, of all things.

Seriously, WTF?

The world today is simply broken! Pretty much every auto maker sells multiple 6000 lb gas guzzling SUV’s that never leave the tarmac and do nothing but haul one person around every day but no one can make a dual sport bike unless the only thing comin out the exhaust pipe is rainbows and fairy farts.

Some more searching lead me to this insightful Youtube video on the current & (seemingly) non-existent future state of dual sport bikes. It offers a good explanation why bikes like the KLR and XR soldier on year after year without changes, and why twin cylinders might be our salvation or penance depending on your point of view.

Check it out – it’s a good watch:

Yamaha T7 Preproduction Sneak Peak
(Bryon Enns) #2

And I always thought it will be the death of DS bike companies when their customers all move to small obscure islands.