Mayweather vs McGregor

(Arthur Pappas) #1

Who is watching this circus freak show on Saturday night? I still can’t believe it was sanctioned.

Can Lebron James beat Bobby Fisher at chess? The world’s best rubgy coaches analyze his chances.

(Clayton James William Walker) #2

Isn’t one of them mma an one a boxer?

(Arthur Pappas) #3

Seriously? You living on a rock somewhere or just messin with me? Anyway, I’m surprised Vince McMahon is not acting as referee.

How much do you guys think the ‘0’ (in Mayweather’s record) is worth to him? If it’s worth everything to him, then there will be no rematch. However, me thinks if one could put a dollar figure on that ‘0’, then look for the Irishman to win, and of course the compulsory rematch.


(Clayton James William Walker) #4

Yah. Don’t really follow the fights. It would be like a top enduro-x racer training to ride moto. Really not that big of a stretch. Like baseketball to chess to rugby would be

(Arthur Pappas) #5

It’s already been touted as the biggest boxing match in history. But, there’s only one boxer.

(Clayton James William Walker) #6

Pffffttt…I’m busy not riding that day .

(Clayton James William Walker) #7

Who won? Ggghffghf

(Arthur Pappas) #8

I believe the main event is 9:00 PM.

(Clayton James William Walker) #9

Yah it’s 9:10

(Arthur Pappas) #10

I heard the UFC pay per view stream took a shit minutes before the fight. I guess there’s a few people watching this fight.

(Bryon Enns) #11

I don’t follow the fights but it sounds like it a better fight than most predicted. 10 rounds would get me tired I know that. Lol.

(Clayton James William Walker) #12

So is MacGregor going to go back to making star wars movies?

(Arthur Pappas) #13

@KTM-Bryon was not a great fight to watch. The first two rounds we’re entertaining, but the rest of the fight was basically watching Mayweather play with his food.

You nailed it @Clayx. McGregor left Vegas this morning to finish filming Trainspotting 3, then it’s off to Morocco to shoot his new Obi Wan spin-off: ‘Kenobi vs Death Star: Beta 1’ with Jabba du Hut acting as interim referee.