KTM 2smoke FI's are coming

(Bryon Enns) #1

wow, between the new 300 engine with a counterbalancer and now the long awaited FI might be just around the corner. Maybe it's time to get another smoker. If every 4T owner is like me, it's time to start investing in expansion chamber manufacturing companies!


(Clayton James William Walker) #2

It's like they hold something back every year. This year new chassis, then air fork then fi. That way everyone upgrades each year.

(Bryon Enns) #3

No, no. They wouldn't do that! They are just trying to help you be "ready to race".

(Arthur Pappas) #4

Wow -- good find @KTM-Bryon! I did not expect to see that news -- that's for sure. But, the more I think about it now the more it makes sense. From what I've read, KTM's entire 2-stroke line is now "closed course only", and (for the first time) cannot be road registered in Europe. However, Beta and Sherco 2-strokes (not sure about Gas Gas) actually meet emissions due to their electronic power-valve. So, it makes sense for KTM to go straight to EFI rather than mucking about with the PV system to try and meet emissions. Or. I could be totally off-base here...

(David Renfrew) #5

Well Bryon I was hesitant to get rid of my 4 stroker but I'm really starting to like getting it done with only 2 now and with the Lectron now its just like having FI lol.

(Arthur Pappas) #6

@tuxedodave How has the Lectron been treating you? People seem to have mixed results with it. What size Lectron you using? I can't remember where I read it, but some guy installed either a 32mm or 34mm on his 300XCW and said the torque was unbelievable for tight woods riding, and he could ride it around in 3rd gear all day.

(Clayton James William Walker) #7

Speaking of which Jacob and I switched the c bike today. So he rode the Levi's 501 and I was on the 300 f. I loved light and flicky. Power and torque required extra twisting of the throttle with a small dose of clutch. This is an 8 year bike with a carb.

Jacob loved the heated grips an comfy seat of the Levi's 501. He also mentioned something about endless torque.

(David Renfrew) #8

So far lectron has been great with real good torque and awesome over rev. I'm going to try 1/2 turn leaner cause it was too rich on cold start up but don't want to lose the off idle grunt either so I'll see how it goes. I put in a 36 mm as per lectrons suggestion cause that's the size that came stock on the bike.

(Bryon Enns) #9

Why didn't it wanna run right on day1? I think it ran okay on reserve so did your tank have some grunge in it?

(Bryon Enns) #10

haha, no it is not. FI is the future. I love how easy it is to tune a good FI bike. The Yami tuner is super easy to use, and I have a slippery woods riding map in her ready for the next ride. Last ride with the aggressive MX map was too much for me! KTM better get on board. $1k+ EFI tuning tools is not the future in my garage.

(David Renfrew) #11

No the vent hose got water in it so I put a T and ran it up under the tank

(Arthur Pappas) #12

Here's Letti's efi 300 XC-W

(Bryon Enns) #13

(Arthur Pappas) #14

There'll be many crying about the addition of EFI to the 2-stroke, but it was inevitable. It's either conform or die.

I know @Clayx needs more than 2 strokes to climb hills and @KTM-Bryon bleeds Blue. @superdave and @baysam are out cuz they prefer to mix n match engines and frames. So, who does that leave? Will @tuxedodave or @franhoser be the early adopters?

(David Renfrew) #15

Just bought a bike so I'm out. I believe ktmbryon was thinking of being one of the first adopters of the 2 stroke FI?

(Clayton James William Walker) #16

Tux will be able to hold out for thirty days max before he caves and gets the latest greatest. Levi is on a 2 year cycle so yah he will have one ass well.

(Bryon Enns) #17

Ya. One test ride and Tux will be in. No more mystery stalling from the jetting. Watching graham Jarvis vids even his bike loads up sometimes!

(Al Willard) #18

Hey Rammmmmbler, I don't Mix & Match anymore. You want to rock keep it stock. And by the way the bike has my name on it. So I guess I'm in. Right after Tux.

(Frany) #19

I dont know. To this date the best handling bike has been is that 07 300 xcw i got from al. when i threw the dual chamber forks on that i got from bryon it was awesome.

(Clayton James William Walker) #20

I will get one if there's an oil injector. I'd prolly forget to mix the gas and it would seize . How noying.