Jack Rabbit Slim - it's got teeth this long

(Bryon Enns) #1

Riding Area: McNutt

Date: April 22

Details: Group ride

Al, Tux Dave, Darren,Tom P, Clay & Jacob out for a rip. Before we met up with Clay & Jacob (they arrived late...) we hit up Jack Rabbit Slim. Run away Run away Run away. Haha. Do you know the reference?

Check out this video clip


Then check out Tux's riding a month or so ago. He sold this bike right after this. Coincidence?

Now check out today's ride.


That video camera is worth it's weight in GOLD baby!

(David Renfrew) #2

Priceless Bryon.

(Bryon Enns) #3

You and Al are famous now!

(Clayton James William Walker) #4

I wish wasn't so drzing late. Mabe I cooda been faemoise.

(Arthur Pappas) #5

Keep 'em coming, @KTM-Bryon!

@tuxedodave what are you riding now?