Honda actually updated some of its bikes

(Arthur Pappas) #1

Good to see Big Red join the Blu Cru in updating its off-road bikes. Crazy prices, though. Bring a friend in case you drop the 450L! And, dunno how practical a 2 gal titanium tank is on a dual sport bike, but hey, it’s a start I guess.

(Clayton James William Walker) #2

289 pounds with 2 gallons of fuel in the L. KTM is laughing in hondas face. Honda sucks.

(Arthur Pappas) #3

I’d imagine a FE501 with a tank full of fuel would be within 20 lbs of that?

(Clayton James William Walker) #4

With a 4.1 gallon tank the 501 is a full 10 pounds lighter than the L with its 2 gallon tank

(Arthur Pappas) #5

I could be wrong, but I think the 450L is equipped with a ‘proper’ subframe, capable of carrying side bags, etc., but I could be wrong. It’s the cost that bothers me the most about this bike, not the weight. I’d guess it will be over $11K before freight/PDI and taxes, meaning $13K out the door.

(Clayton James William Walker) #6

It doesnt bother me at all as I would never get one.

(Frany) #7

Id get a crf250rx for a trail bike. Only a few ponds heavier than an equivalent ktm

(Arthur Pappas) #8

250x is not a street legal dual sport.

(Clayton James William Walker) #9

450L is 25 hp.

(Bryon Enns) #10

450L Makes a Lot More Than 24 Horsepower
There was a rumor going around that this bike only made 24 hp and we can say that is completely false. It looks like a European Honda site mistakenly posted the CRF250L’s hp number for the 450L’s. We asked Honda for a publishable HP number for the 450L and they said it was in the 40s. For dirt bikes, Honda (all OEM’s actually) don’t give out HP numbers since there are so many variables in dyno’ing the bikes. Also, Honda added that there is only a 4 hp difference between the X and L and that the cams and cam timing are exactly the same.

(Clayton James William Walker) #11

I will stick to my 690, thanks.

(Bryon Enns) #12

@Clayx, manning up and getting 690 would be good for you. Ryan Day got one now too. And the parts don’t fit the other bikes in your fleet so you could show up on some DS rides…

(Arthur Pappas) #13

Hahaha that’s gold. Pure gold.

(Arthur Pappas) #14

Looks like the new BRP will have fourty-something horses, and a cush drive.

(Clayton James William Walker) #15

Nah. I’m pretty sure it only does 24 hp. The correction on the press release was fake news.

(Bryon Enns) #16

Tests and reviews hit the news tomorrow for the 450L. But Honda has been cutting edge in DS for years. Here’s their 1991 advert.

(Arthur Pappas) #17

That ad is AWESOME! Makes me wanna go out and find an XR250L now! I love these old ads.

(Arthur Pappas) #18

Looks like Holeshot has a new 450L. $11900 before any fees & tax. That’s gotta be well north of $14K out the door. Wow…

(Frany) #19

There pretty sweet

(Bryon Enns) #20

The review from ADV Pulse. Cheaper than a KTM 500 but is it better than a 501? Too soon to know.