Electric Bikes

(Clayton James William Walker) #1

Some ebike talk.

Can the Zero DSR Electric Motorcycle Compete with Gas-Powered Bikes?


(Clayton James William Walker) #2

Bottom linky is Harleys acquisition of Alta.

(Arthur Pappas) #3

The Harley - Alta relationship sure is interesting. Alta’s battery tech is supposedly the best available. I heard their battery design is the densest in the industry – packing the most kW/h in the smallest package.

(Arthur Pappas) #4

Just noticed the Alta retail price dropped $4K USD since last year. Good to see!

(Bryon Enns) #5

Yawn. Street bikes eh.

Take a look at this baby. Looks like competition for the 501’s. Might be up to 690 torque and power soon tho


(Arthur Pappas) #6

Ugh, who designed that thing? Life’s too short to ride an ugly dirt bike.

(Clayton James William Walker) #7

9kwh how does that compare?

(Arthur Pappas) #8

Yamaha getting into trials bikes – electric trials bikes! The bike even has a juice clutch! What is going on in this world!?!?!?!

(Bryon Enns) #9

YAMI E-trials!!

(Bryon Enns) #10

That ebike has 34kW (45.6 Hp) version with 85Nm (62.7 ft/lbs) of torque

The 501 has 58 Hp and an unknown amout of torque, maybe zero eh, who knows while and the 690 has Maximum power: 67 hp @ 8000 rpm and maximum torque of 55 ft/lbs @ 6000 rpm.

Faaak, the Fn e-bike has more torque already than the 690 that could rip the arms off a mere mortal. When V2 of the e-bike comes out look out.

(Clayton James William Walker) #11

Mine 501 is 60 hp 60 torx. Upgraded the throttle bod. Prolly pull the 690 everywhere. 'Cept fir absolute top speed after like a 100 km straight line race.