California readying to confine 2-strokes to closed course tracks

(Arthur Pappas) #1

In Feb 2018 California is supposedly going to introduce a new law that will ban 2-strokes from public lands. New York is next, with other north eastern USA states to follow, and who knows where else.

If I understand this scenario correctly, the red sticker program was made available some years ago simply to give racers a place to practice for 5 months out of the year. The story goes that CARB recently surveyed a few thousand California red sticker bike owners (almost all 2-strokes with a few 4-strokes scattered in) and found that something like only 5 out of 100 riders are actual racers – 95% being weekend warriors, hacks, or trail riders.

CARB has since decided to close this loophole from being “exploited” by Average Joe & his 2-stroke (or XC/MX 4-stroke).

To put it another way, if this law is pushed through (many say it’s a formality), you will be restricted to riding your shiny new 2018 300XCW (and similar bikes) either on a track or on your own property – nowhere else.

(Frany) #2

4 strokes are for lossers that wanna wrench more than ride.

(Bryon Enns) #3

Maybe all the 2T 'meracans will move up to Canada and we’ll all live happily ever after.

(Clayton James William Walker) #4

All 2 strokes are already red stickers. Even most for strokes aren’t green stickered theses days. What’s the difference?

(Clayton James William Walker) #5

Comments about who the losers are are usually made by losers.

(Frany) #6

Whatever. I havent had to check valve gap in 6 years. Maybe i am a loser!

(Clayton James William Walker) #7

Different strokes for different folks there franloser .

(Arthur Pappas) #8

The difference is that nowadays you can ride your red sticker bike on public land for 5 months out of the year. Not so if this law comes into play – you’d be restricted only to tracks.

(Clayton James William Walker) #9

Who is checking and keep9ng track? Wow what a bunch of trail Nazis.

(Arthur Pappas) #10

According to this guy’s YouTube channel, it looks like the proposed law isn’t singling out 2-stroke & MX bikes, but will in fact ban all off-road bikes from public land in California. The only bikes that will be allowed on public land will be those classified as “motorcycles” (factory road legal bikes) or grandfathered green sticker bikes from 2002 and older.

Is Cali an isolated case or just the first domino to fall?

(Clayton James William Walker) #11

I thought they already were.