Ama Supercoss 2017

(Clayton James William Walker) #61

Maybe Reed is looking for a ride with Kawasaki.

(Arthur Pappas) #62

(Arthur Pappas) #63

Nice to see that someone not named Tomac can win the 450 main event.

Tomac and Dungey tied at 294 heading to Utah.

(Frany) #64

I wAtched this supercross once at mutigers place and thought it was gay. Then i saw it on tv a few weeks ago...yep, still fing gay.

I dont get it maybe.

(Arthur Pappas) #65

SX is the only sport I watch on the telly -- I don't follow hockey, baseball, or any other 'mainstream' sport.

Take some time and watch Behind The Dream -- it's top notch.

(Clayton James William Walker) #66

Who won last night?

(Arthur Pappas) #67

No one -- this week was a break. Next week racing back on in Utah.

(Clayton James William Walker) #68

Yes. Dungey will win for sure. It's his home turf.

(Arthur Pappas) #69

His home turf is MN and belongs to Tomac.

(Clayton James William Walker) #70

I've been MN luck is in his side!, Seriously:!

(Arthur Pappas) #71

Not much happening between Dungey and Tomac tonight. Dungey with a great start and Tomac mid-pack for the first couple-three laps until Tomac charges the pack and never looks back.

(Clayton James William Walker) #72

If you listen carefully you can hear that Tomac is running leaded fuel. Not allowed.

(Arthur Pappas) #73

I think the fairy farts in his gas tank is what's not allowed -- maybe the AMA won't catch it b4 the season ends?

(Arthur Pappas) #74

Some good racing again tonight. Tomac seemed to bobble every 2nd lap. Every time he made a mistake he'd quickly make up the lost positions only to make another mistake. Dungey was Dungey and raced steady throughout the main event, but it kinda sucked to see Musquin pull over at the end of the race and hand Dungey the win and extra points. I guess that's team politics.

(Clayton James William Walker) #75

I missed it, like all of them, but it sounds like a good time

(Clayton James William Walker) #76

Let Ryan by...

(Clayton James William Walker) #77

Hey Eli I don't race supercross but I think if you are in first then you don't have to worry about KTM Team politics.

(Bryon Enns) #78


It was more than 3 points Dungey won by so I guess he can stand tall and be proud. That final round in Vegas had some good racing!

In 250's

Osborne taking out Savatgy just before the finish was awesome racing. Tomac taking Dungey off the track three times was good stuff, too bad Grant couldn't quite catch the leaders and mix it up with Dungey. Oh well, next year Tomac.

(Arthur Pappas) #79

Yeah, was a good series this year fo sho! If Musquin doesn't surrender (he is French) for Dungey then the gap is smaller and I think Tomac changes his game plan in Vegas. Instead, Tomac was too busy trying to mess with Dungey than concentrate on the outright win.

Can't remember a time when a 450 champ was crowned having only 2* wins in the season.

Tomac might not even be a factor next year -- who knows -- he will have his hands full with Musquin and Roczen.

(Clayton James William Walker) #80

Roczens done. 10 surgeries on his wrist already. Next year JT will give Eli the good drugs ensuring a win.