2016 Tour of Idaho Dual Sport Epic Ride

(Clayton James William Walker) #162

Super Doug preps the bikes

Look closely. That's a moose

Adults playing.



Built in the 1880s for steam engines that went by here.

(Bryon Enns) #163

that cow does look kinda like a moose. do they even have moose that for south...

(Clayton James William Walker) #164

It's a moose just ask Al

He never lies.

(Clayton James William Walker) #165

So after 17 hours or 695 km.

(Clayton James William Walker) #166

Pocatello to Arco

437 km total
5.7 L/100km


(Bryon Enns) #167

That is good news. Earlier it was looking like Al was sucking back 10l/100

(Bryon Enns) #168

Clay. Get Al to wifi transfer my tracks to your GPS. You don't need wifi at the motel etc the GPS units have wifi and you can do the transfer on the trail or in the staging area etc. I have a track for each day that takes you down the main trail. It doesn't have the challenge sections but I have routes for all of those and you could Wifi transfer those too

(Jon Mutiger) #169

I'm really starting to lose interest in these non sensibly written ride reports. Any chance Arthur can fabricate something interesting for us to read while taking a dump?

(Bryon Enns) #170

No doubt the boys are sqeelin' like a pig somewhere in the backwoods of ID right now. But that won't make it into the report...

(Arthur Pappas) #171

I have a feeling the rigors of being on a bike all day, everyday, is gonna take a toll real quick, and the daily ride reports are gonna be lost to early sleepy times for these two old farts.

(Bryon Enns) #172

Hmm, the 501 was down today. At the shop getting two new fork seals. And the 525 was down too. Needed a new starter gear. The part arrived today I think so it's going in now. So they should be back on the trails this afternoon sometime but will skip some of the trails to get back on track.

(Arthur Pappas) #173

Shitty news. Hope the boys get sorted without needing to spend a lot of cash and time.

(Clayton James William Walker) #174


Uploading... rf

(Arthur Pappas) #175

What's the synopsis?

(Clayton James William Walker) #176

(Bryon Enns) #177

Need more spare bikes!

(Jon Mutiger) #178

That's the sign of something should be replaced 10hrs ago

(Bryon Enns) #179

My 690 sprung another gas leak at the fuel level sensor on the day the boys left for Idaho. What's with the Austrian bikes eh? Maybe it will have to be a all jap bike 2017 attempt...

(Arthur Pappas) #180

Does anyone know if the guys got sorted and are back on the trail?

(Clayton James William Walker) #181

Tour of Idaho Day 3

Great dayear today. We rode over some great peaks over 10,000 feet. Just some minor issues with the GPS near the beginning. We actually lost some time zig zagging across the desert when we could've just hit the dirt road. Which was straight.Whoever laI'd these tracks is an asshole.

After the mountains we rode into my Sun Valley. The word was the locals consider all dirt bikers douchebags because they have $300 sandals. However everyone was like"How'd you get here? Where you going to?"
Then they said"Cool! Be safe. Have fun."

Even the guy In the Mercedes SUV.

The second half of the day was virtually all single track. Sidehill, rocky, woodsy,creek crossing, mountain surfing single-track.

Got to Smiley Creek at 4:30pm. The town was founded by Lev Smiley.