2016 Tour of Idaho Dual Sport Epic Ride

(Clayton James William Walker) #61

Haha yah. You’ll be a dentist.

(Arthur Pappas) #62

LOL Bryon could go straight to the Dakar starting line.

(Bryon Enns) #63

I think Clay was in pain a few times on our tour “check out ride” ie the Loose Screw stripper ripper.


(Clayton James William Walker) #64

Loose Screw Ride Report

Bryon: Do you got an 8mm? My case is leaking.
Clay: Here you go.

B: Oh hey do you got that 8mm again? My shifter is falling off.
C: Yup. Here you go.

B: Do you have that 18" tube?
C: Yup here you go.

B: Hold my bike up so I can get the wheel off.
C: K. Got it

C: I’m out of water.
B: Umm…oh yah.

B: Hey can you ride up ahead and see if there is a good place for another Tire change.
C: Yah I checked it out. There is a shelter just 500m up the trail.

B: Hold my bike while I pull off the wheel.
C: K. Got it.

Seems the 690 can’t make it without the 501 riding support to keep it running.

(Bryon Enns) #65

haha. you forgot the “do you have a flashlight?” my head light died and the gas station closed and shut off the lights.

(Clayton James William Walker) #66

Oh yah. I knew I forgot somthin’

(Bryon Enns) #67

You seemed to forget after our lunch break, when I said I gotta buy some water, you said “I will be fine, I had a coffee for lunch”. Then when you ran outta water during my flat fixing rest break in the cool shady area I said you’ll have to pour it out of my pack as its needs to be hooked up to my helmet to get water. But you said “meheh”

(Clayton James William Walker) #68

I remember that. My version is funnier.

(Bryon Enns) #69

oh ya, that and the cool shady area had over 1,000,000,000 mosquitoes

(Clayton James William Walker) #70

Well on the T1 shouldnt be too many mozzies. Keep the Zika to a minimum

(Frany) #71

at what point of the above coverstaion did this come up?

B: clay, can you reach into my purse and hand me a hammer? C: I don’t see a hammer, just a bunch a of tampons? B: humm haaa, oh yaeh.

(Bryon Enns) #72

Purse? Tampons? sounds like a KTM530 ride.

Every time the start button on the 690 gets pressed, you hear this song:


Your name is, of course, KTM 690!!

Here is what it’s like to ride a 530


(Clayton James William Walker) #73

I had one when I had a 530. When I was eight.

(Bryon Enns) #74

Raw Power & v-AL-dez & I got out for a good rip at Tamahi on the weekend. The 690 was punishing me a lot but it didn’t kill me, it just made me stronger!

The “run to the border” trail is right up there with “parish hill” as an epic loop and they connect so we’ll be back to give her another go.

95 kms and I was done like dinner. Hope the tour isn’t that tough for 160 miles…

(Bryon Enns) #75

Speaking of another ripper, how about Sept 10-11? I don’t think I will do the Gran Fondo bicycle ride to Whistler on the 10th. Then we race Chipmunk the 17-18 and then we ride the Tour of Idaho. It’s so close now!

(Arthur Pappas) #76

Yeah – comin’ up fast for you guys. What are you taking to shoot video and pics?

(Frany) #77

Yeah that run to the border trail was one of the nicest trails ive ridden so far. Dsbc er guys have put in a tonne of work. Its so high i can see it only accessable only a few months of the year.

(Arthur Pappas) #78

Nice pics @franhoser! U think u or @KTM-Bryon can find your way back without the dsbc guides?

(Bryon Enns) #79

Hoser was waiting for me while I left 690 tracks in the snow in those pics! Good times. Haha

(Bryon Enns) #80

Ya, we just had the GPS tracks to guide us and now we’ve have our own tracks too.