2016 Tour of Idaho Dual Sport Epic Ride

(dave sudul) #41

if you look in the ktm owners manual a continuous tailight means "warning, mechanic needed". typically they are always on

(Arthur Pappas) #42

Some good Tour of Idaho action from Jimmy Lewis:

(Clayton James William Walker) #43

We saw that at AL Baysam's place

(Arthur Pappas) #44

It's comin' up fast -- you guys must be getting excited.

Who will be taking the pics and videos?

Also, post up what ya'll are packing with yas for the trip -- I'm curious to know what gear you're takin.

(Clayton James William Walker) #45

Just packing the usual. 2l of water, a couple of granola bars an a Coke.

(Al Willard) #46

Lol, Dave That's why you should get one.

(Al Willard) #47

Two Coke's for me.

(dave sudul) #48

you guys are packing coke in the wrong direction. I'm watching the video again, I think i can do the whole thing on my sport bike. It weighs less than bryons KTM and has a lower centre of gravity

(Bryon Enns) #49
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Power to weight ratio is good, but I will stick to the big girl 690.

(dave sudul) #50

i might be short on ground clearance

(Arthur Pappas) #51

Hey, I see the pillion pegs are still on the bike. You bringing the ol' lady?

(dave sudul) #52

dude thats not me! you think I would ever go euro? come on

(Bryon Enns) #53

I am bringing chedder cheese along for ride snacks. Why you ask?

This video sums up how we will feel every day on the trail.

(Arthur Pappas) #54

So who's in this epic Idaho tour? Is it @baysam @KTM-Bryon @franhoser @Clayx and Dan, or did I miss someone?

(Bryon Enns) #55

Dan is out.

Clay + Three Amigos

(Arthur Pappas) #56

Who will have the most flat tires?

  • Al
  • Bryon
  • Clay
  • Franhoser


Who will have the most bike trouble?

  • Al
  • Bryon
  • Clay
  • Franhoser


(Clayton James William Walker) #57

Haha yah right. Losers

(Clayton James William Walker) #58

Three Amigos. Who is who?

(Clayton James William Walker) #59

Lev is Chevy chase.
Bryon is Steve Martin and
Al is Martin Short.

(Bryon Enns) #60


I hope there isn't a distracted Riding Law. Got the two GPS system ready for testing. The big one to see the general route and the Oregon 450 zoomed in, with topo map, to see the details.

The roll chart is just for the Loose Screw but too bad they don't have a chart for the Tour. It would be way better than reading the daily notes.