2016 Tour of Idaho Dual Sport Epic Ride

(Clayton James William Walker) #182

(Clayton James William Walker) #183

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(Clayton James William Walker) #184

Everyone waves at us.

Downtown Ketchum. Near Sun Valley. Almost got hit by a truck pulling out. Mabe i should get a mirror.

(Clayton James William Walker) #185

Sidehill are a bitches Al. Don't look at the scenery. Wait Al hates the scenery. No time. Just ride. What the he'll was he looking at?

That's right. It's a plated two stroke. Perfectly legal.

(Clayton James William Walker) #186

D3 Arco to Smiley Creek

7.5 hrs. Running time
7:40 am start
4:30 pm fin



4.6 gal. /17.4L Total


5.6 gal. / 21.2L Total

(Clayton James William Walker) #187

A bag of chips at 6000 feet. Packaged at sea level

(Bryon Enns) #188

Well day four traverses some of the most spectacular terrain in the USA accessible by motorcycle. It's 125 miles of continuous fun and challenge.

Should be a good fun day tomorrow.

(Clayton James William Walker) #189

We're gonna try to meld days 4 and 5 together. We finished day 3 in under 9 hours. The suggested retail time for day 3 is 12 hours.

(Arthur Pappas) #190

Yeah can't wait to see tomorrow's pics -- should be some spectacular scenery!

(Clayton James William Walker) #191

...depending on One Eyed Willard

(Bryon Enns) #192

Hmm, what could possibly go wrong. Give'r.

D5 - Challis to Shoup (125 miles)

Day five includes the second highest point of the Tour (Twin Peaks Lookout - 10,330'), and about 50 miles of, at times, very technical single track. Most will find this to be a long day for such a relatively short distance. Count on 10+ hours on the trail or more to Shoup if extensive sawing is required. Some of the trails on D5 are rarely ridden by anyone besides members of the T1 community so keep your saws and shovels handy. Blowdown and washouts are perennial issues.

(Arthur Pappas) #193

Chips are expensive in Idaho.

(Clayton James William Walker) #196

I didn't make the title Day 4 and 5

(Arthur Pappas) #197

I assume you guys only rode Day 4 in Day 4, and not both Day 4 and Day 5 in Day 4?

(Clayton James William Walker) #198


Yah a bit of a late start. 9:25am to 7:00pm just 9.5 hours of riding. It was a 125 mile day. We through in the challenge section for a good 229.2 km or 142 miles

It was the last day of bow hunting season so I just had to pull 3 arrows from my back. Plenty of hunters out on horse back with bows and arrows.

Al was a super trooper today riding all day with his good eye closed. I was behind him when got a little crossed up on a bridge so he slid the skid plate across the Tuxedo rail just like a pro skater doing a grind. Nailed it.

Plenty of wildlife. I saw a peregrine falcon, a mini falcon with a little bird on its paws and two prong horn antelope.

Good day on the trails as well. About 75% of the day was single track. Sweet.

(Arthur Pappas) #199

Good stuff. Do the temps change quite a bit during the day so you're always adding or removing gear, or are the temps pretty steady?

(Clayton James William Walker) #200


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(Clayton James William Walker) #201

Yah we switched up 1 or 2 times a day. After awhile you just go with what's on hot or cold. Clear or tinted.

(Clayton James William Walker) #202

Ghost town is found where your city used to be.
Out of darkness into light.
Sparks fly everywhere in sight.
From my double barreled.
Twelve gauge.
Can't put me in your cage.

I found where all of the Trump supporters reside.

(Clayton James William Walker) #203